Member Spotlight: Life is Good Williamsburg

Date: February 21, 2017

The Greater Williamsburg Chamber and Tourism Alliance would like to spotlight our members for important events they have coming up. Last week we interviewed Life Is Good Williamsburg, a retailer for clothing, accessories and household goods laced with positive messages! During the month of February, Life is Good has been hosting a “Challenge Project”, where members of the community are encouraged to do something little each day of the month to make a big difference in the lives of others, such as donating work clothes to someone in need, or thanking your local postal worker.

Kayla Kearse, the Alliance’s Public Relations and Social Media Specialist, spoke with Tina Crowe, co-owner of Life is Good Williamsburg (with her husband Nick), to talk about the background of the independently owned neighborhood shop and the community projects for which they are involved!

How & when was Life is Good founded in Williamsburg?

Several years ago I (Tina) was such a fan of Life is Good, the product and the meaning, I wanted to be a part of the movement.  Timing and circumstances did not work out at the time but I never stopped thinking about it.  Then in 2015, I circled back around to the idea of it and I contacted LIG again and this time went head first into it.  The more I learned about the company, the mission, the product design, it was easy to get behind it.  I was in a relationship at the time with my now husband and we were both blown away by what we learned.  The fact that we could remain Local to our community and not be a franchise sealed the deal for us.  We found our spot here in New Town and started our build out.  It took about 6 months, then a month delay so we opened our doors here at Life is Good Williamsburg on May 17th, 2016.  It is hard to believe we are coming up very soon on our 1 year anniversary.  

Tina (left) and Nick (right) with John Jacobs (center), one of the Life is Good founders.

What kinds of events or programs (besides the Challenge Project) is LIG Williamsburg involved in?

Community involvement is very important to us here in the Shoppe.  Last year we started a campaign called “Tell us something Good”.  In Shoppe, we had a word of the month, let’s say FUN.  What you would do is write on a notecard what “FUN” meant to you and post it on our wall for everyone to see.  At the end of the month we randomly drew a winner and they won a prize, then we started a new word for the next month.  We also did a “Where’s Jake summer campaign”.  We would take Jake (our mascot) around town to locally owned businesses or Williamsburg attractions and post on social media and get folks to guess where he was.  Our mission was to spotlight other local businesses like us here in Williamsburg.  In an effort to spotlight a few of our organizations here in Williamsburg we had a quilt made out of LIG t-shirts and donated it to New Hope Rescue for their online auction as well as we had a t-shirt fundraising and adoption event with The Heritage Humane Society.  This year we have started the year with the “Grow the Good in Williamsburg Challenge”.  This is a way for us to draw attention to things we can do as a community to “Spread Good Vibes all around”.  The way it works is there are 28 days in February, each day we turn over a notecard with a challenge on it.  We encourage all of our friends, family, customers to do as many of the challenges as they can.  If you can only do 1, then you are ahead of the next person.  They can be as simple as “ Tell a child you are proud of them” to Donating unopened food to “FISH”, or Buy a dozen doughnuts from Duck or Emily’s and take to your nearest Police/Fire Department.  It is a way to shop local, donate local, and stay half full in a society of half empty.  We post the challenges everyday on our Facebook page “Life is Good Williamsburg”, plus we have a board posted in the shoppe as well.  Plus, just because it is says day 2 challenge, does not mean you cannot do it anytime.  It all about doing good.  We would also love to hear from anyone who completes a challenge on how it made them feel.  

How can the community get involved with the Challenge Project?

I would encourage the community to keep up with our Facebook page (Life is Good Williamsburg) and do as many of the challenges as possible and get the whole family involved.  We also post all of the community events we are taking part in as well on there.  This is just the first one of the year.

What is your favorite thing about the LIG brand?  

For me what I love about the Life is Good brand is the message.  Life is not Perfect, Life is not Easy, Life is Good.  It is hard to not to be optimistic when you are surrounded by positive messaging.  On a product note, the “Crusher Tee Shirts” are made with 100% USA Grown Cotton, I think that is what makes them so soft.  

Could you share with us your favorite inspirational story having to do with the 10% LIG Kids Foundation?

Gosh, this is such a hard one.  The kid’s foundation is such a remarkable organization, I suggest checking it out online to learn the most about it.  But I can tell you, the founders of LIG Bert and John Jacobs are so passionate about it the donate their speaking engagement fees directly to it.  One thing that stands out to me however is the fact Life is Good receives hundreds of letters from Kids who want to tell someone why their life is good, even if they are going through a tough time.  Nick and I were lucky enough to see one of these handwritten letters from a little girl who was standing by a campfire and a spark caught her dress on fire.  She has gone through a terrible time we would all think, but she says in her letter she wouldn’t change a thing.  How amazing is that?

Anything additional you would like to spotlight?  

I am a lifelong Williamsburg girl, so it is important for Nick and I to give back the community I have lived in my whole life.  Not being a franchise and being a locally owned business allows us to follow a dream and support the community I call home.  Having a remarkable partnership with such a great company makes it a win/win for us.  

To learn more about Life is Good, click here.