Alliance Programs

Through the Alliance, we offer several programs to further assist you in your professional and/or personal needs within the community.

LEAD Historic Triangle (LHT)
Sponsored by the Alliance, LHT’s mission is to encourage, develop and support the future leaders of the community. Participation in LHT requires a serious commitment of time and energy.  Learn more


Community Leadership Service (CLS)
CLS provides retirees and prospective retirees a broader understanding of the Historic Triangle (Williamsburg, Jamestown & Yorktown) – its people, needs, governing bodies, and more. CLS also encourages participants to pursue volunteer leadership within the community. Learn more


Chamber Travels Abroad
Each year the Alliance sponsors two (or more) group trips abroad at a discounted rate. For members and non-members alike. Learn more


Prepare-Care-Share (PCS)
PSC is a customer service training program to meet the specific needs of the Historic Triangle. A great marketing effort can get people to visit once, but it’s the experience and service that brings them back! Classes and tours are made available to only those who work in the tourism industry in the Historic Triangle. Learn more