Business Resources

Do you want to start or grow a business?

Congratulations on having an "idea" or "concept" for a new business or a successful business that you want to make larger.  The concept is a vital part of launching a successful new business.  You cannot succeed without a strong concept.  However, even with a strong concept, new businesses require significant effort to move from idea to the market place.  While your existing business likely has a good concept, many of the actions required for a new business will be the same to ensure growth.

You may choose to develop your business on your own or you may choose to accept assistance from experts who are here to help you at no cost and with no financial reward.  They do it simply because they want to.  That group is the Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE) and we are fortunate to be home to one of the best SCORE chapters in the country.

Other assistance can be provided by Launchpad (Greater Williamsburg Business Incubator) or Ignition. Read more.  

If you wish to proceed on your own, the steps outlined below may be of assistance.

   How to I develop a plan/budget?
-  What are the legal considerations?
-  Where should I locate my business?
-  What financing options are available?
-  Do I need an accountant?
-  How do I find workers?
-  How do I market my business?
-  Alliance Member Directory