Do I need an accountant?

As you begin your efforts to launch a business, you may be inundated with ways to spend your start-up capital.  Many successful businesses, however, have answered a resounding "yes" to the question "Do I need an accountant?" for the following reasons:

To ensure that you choose the correct type of entity, whether it be a corporation, partnership, LLC, sole proprietorship or even a not-for-profit organization.

Assistance in responding to an increasingly regulated world of local, state and federal regulations and tax changes.

In order to free you up to maximize the success of your business.

What type of entity do you want to operate?  First, a licensed attorney may be the only one to assist you with respect to limiting your legal liability. However, an accountant can assist you in minimizing your tax obligations and you may want to discuss the following with your accounting and tax professional: your expected profits, your expected losses, will you work primarily out of the home, what benefits do you need or want to offer to your employees.  You may want to consider meeting with your attorney and your accountant at the same time.

An increasingly regulated world.  This area shouldn't require much elaboration. An accountant can focus on keeping you compliant while you pursue your dream of building your business. 

Freeing you up to wow your clients and build your business.  The display of Quickbooks software is often positioned near the register next to other "impulse" items at an office supply store.  On the way to check out, you might grab pens, post its and perhaps Quickbooks.  Many ambitious business owners learn the hard way that most accounting software is designed for someone with one-to-two two semesters of college level accounting, or the equivalent work experience.  You may spend hours trying to enter common transactions. Also, Turbo Tax and other software may be suitable for small proprietors with some accounting experience; many businesses realize quickly that they better call a professional.

Lastly, discuss this issue with fellow business owners.  You might realize that an accountant brings real value to your endeavors.

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