Where should I locate my business?

Whether you're currently operating a business out of your home, starting a new business, expanding an existing facility, adding new location(s) to an existing business or even considering bringing a new business into the Historic Triangle, understanding local land use regulation and aligning yourself with local experts who can help you navigate these waters will be key to your continued success.   

The Chamber believes the below overview and the links included will help to frame your assessment and offer useful information as you move forward.


Home Occupation Links

Using one's home for the conduct of business (a home occupation) is permitted in each of the three Historic Triangle jurisdictions but under different regulations.  The process for securing local approval for the operation of a home occupation is also unique to the jurisdiction.  Follow the below links based on the jurisdiction in which your home is located:

James City County:
-  General home occupation regulatory information
-  Application for Home Occupation

York County:
-  Home occupation application and additional information

City of Williamsburg
-  Home occupation application and additional information



Ignition is a 501 (c)3 business accelerator based in Williamsburg, Virginia at 1006 Richmond Rd, on the third floor. Founded by entrepreneurs, we provide support, complimentary office space, resources, and direct investment to help entrepreneurs achieve their dreams. Our goal is to develop an idea and swiftly take it to market. We provide design, branding, web, app, and other services to help people achieve this goal.


Launchpad – Greater Williamsburg Business Incubator

The communities of York County, James City County, and the City of Williamsburg, have partnered with the Small Business Development Center to provide entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses with the amenities, counseling, and services necessary to grow a successful business via the Greater Williamsburg Business Incubator.

Launchpad is a facility that provides a comprehensive support process designed to assist and accelerate the successful development and growth of start-up and young companies. This is accomplished through a carefully designed incubation program of business education, targeted services, networking, and other programs designed to help the entrepreneur.


Location, Location, Location

For those whose business ventures require more space and features than a home office or business incubator can provide, understanding the local real estate market will be an important step in the realization of your business success.  Where should I locate my business to maximize visibility, access to customers, distribution networks, suppliers and vendors and commuting convenience for my staff?  How much rent should I pay?  What kind of lease is best suited to my needs? What features of the space are most important for my business model?

Whether your business model leads you to seek existing space for your business, be it retail, office, warehousing or manufacturing space, or raw land for the development of new facilities, the Historic Triangle is home to several commercial real estate (CRE) brokerages who can answer these and other questions, who know the various sub-markets in the area and who can help you find the property or space you need. 


Alliance Member Real Estate Firms

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices TownRealty
Harvey Lindsay Commercial Real Estate
Campana Waltz Commercial Real Estate, LLC
RJS & Associates, Inc.


Additionally, the three Historic Triangle jurisdictions maintain websites that can assist you in finding the right spot for your business.  Take a look at these links:

-  James City County
Go to the Site Selector tab at the top of the home page.

-  York County
Follow the prompts.

-  City of Williamsburg
Go to the Property Listings tab at the top of the home page.


Understanding the Regulatory Environment

If your preference is to build new facilities for your business needs, there are several steps involved. Chamber members are there to guide you through every step in the process.

Navigating the nuances of local regulations affecting building and development requires local experts who know the rules (zoning, subdivision, site plans, sign ordinances, exterior lighting, etc.) but also the players in local government charged with interpreting sometimes unclear regulations, policies and procedures as well as the appointed and elected officials who are often involved in formal reviews of development proposals.


Alliance Member Consulting/Planning Offices

AES Consulting Engineers
The Structures Group, Inc.
TAM Consultants
ESG International, Inc.


Once you've determined that building a new facility or renovating an existing one is feasible from a local land use regulation perspective, you may want to engage the services of a local architect who knows the building codes and code officials/inspectors and who is sensitive to accepted norms of the local building trades.


Alliance Member Design Services

Guernsey Tingle Architects
Hopke & Associates -


Build It and They Will Come

So, you've worked your way through the regulatory and design processes and are ready to engage a contractor who can help you bring your vision to life. 


Alliance Member Contractors

Brantley & Ripley Construction, LLC
Henderson, Inc.
Michael J. Hipple Builder, Inc.
David A. Nice Builders, Inc.
Henry S. Branscome, LLC
Toano Contractors, Inc.