Staff Members

Put a name to a face and meet the Business Council staff!

  • Terry Banez

    Terry Banez

    Chief Executive Officer, Greater Williamsburg Business Council; 757-253-2217

  • Courtney Driscoll

    Courtney Driscoll

    Membership Manager 757-229-6512

  • Naomi Flythe

    Naomi Flythe

    Service Representative; 757-229-6511

  • Voncile Gilbreath

    Voncile Gilbreath

    Director, Greater Williamsburg Partnership; 757-645-0687

  • Carter Johnson

    Carter Johnson

    Manager, Social Media & Web Design 757-253-2310

  • Vickie Noel

    Vickie Noel

    Executive Assistant and Operations Director; 757-476-6820

  • Michelle Williams

    Michelle Williams

    Director of Events; 757-476-7323

  • Beth Zambella

    Beth Zambella

    Accountant 757-229-6511 ex 230