Beth Zambella


Beth Zambella

Started working at the Alliance in 2001

Bethany was born and raised in West Virginia and she still loves to visit the mountains.  She married into the military and spent time in Utah, Okinawa Japan, and Texas.  Bethany received her Associates in Accounting from the University of Maryland and her Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Strayer University.  She has been handling the Alliance’s accounting since moving to Williamsburg in May of 2001.  You can often find her working in her yard or on the golf course with husband Tony.

What’s the best part about working at the Alliance? 
“Being able to help those ‘tourists in need’.  I will always stop and ask those perusing a map and pointing if I can help them find something and there have been many times people will stop me, the local, and ask questions.  I don’t guess it is so much working at the Alliance but just being a good neighbor!”

What was your first job ever?
“My Dad has his own surveying business and I did his bookkeeping, taxes and payroll when I was in 8th grade.”

Complete the following: I #LOVEWMBG because…
“…of the seasons.  There is a little bit of all four seasons but never anything too extreme. “

BONUS QUESTION! If you could have one superhero power, what would it be and why?
Time travel and longevity.  OK, that was two but they sort of go hand in hand.  I miss too many people that I would love to see again and I’d like to do this forever.”