Michelle Williams

Director of Events

Michelle Williams

Started working at the Alliance in February 2013

Michelle is a native of Williamsburg and grew up here. After graduating Lafayette High School, she earned her degree in Mass Communications at VCU and was a member of the National Journalism Honor Society. After working in advertising for fifteen years she changed careers to event planning for the last six. Michelle plans, promotes and produces the major business events for the Alliance including the Gala, Oktoberfest Taste of Williamsburg and the Career Fair along with monthly networking events like Business After Hours and Brown Bag Lunch Seminars. She is also coordinator of the Education Committee and each event committee as well as annual awards and sponsorships. A “soccer/field hockey/football mom”, when she is not working on Alliance events, she can be found on a sports field with her husband Ken, cheering for their daughter and son, Alex and Jared. Her favorite activity is spending time at the beach with her family and two dogs.

What’s the best part about working at the Alliance?
“I love my job because it is fun! I get to work with different types of events from casual to fancy, from riding roller coasters to helping someone find a career position. I work with a great team that supports each other and hundreds of business people who are involved with and care about our community. I enjoy the connection to the community that working at the Alliance provides.”

What was your first job ever?
“My first job was when I was in high school at Peebles department store in the Williamsburg Shopping Center. Then, New Town was still Mr. Casey’s field and Williamsburg Shopping Center was ‘town.’”

Complete the following: I #LOVEWMBG because…
“It’s home. Everything about Williamsburg from the historic area to the parks and beaches is something I love. We are fortunate to live in a resort town others only get to visit. It was a great place to grow up and I like having my kids grow up here too.”

BONUS QUESTION! If you could have one superhero power, what would it be and why?
“My Superhero Power would be To See The Future. I don’t know that I would change any of it, but being able to know what will happen and help others with that knowledge would be wonderful. Maybe it would change how I do things currently, but probably not…”